Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{NKOTB - part 3, the saga continues}

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So you remember how Courtney & I were so excited about our VIP seats at the Wachovia Center? 


After we took care of business in the bathroom (yes, that includes taking pictures) and got our Diet Cokes from the bar, we made our way to our seats.  Shortly after we were seated, the first opening act took the stage.  We weren't really sure who it was going to be.  We just knew that we'd never heard of her before.  Yeah.  Her name is Lady Gaga & I'm pretty glad that I'd never heard of her before.  For those of you not "in the know", like's her picture:

Lady Gaga 

(image source:

Either I'm getting really old, or some music today is just weird.  Maybe both. between strutting around in her underwear, waving a lit up staff/stick around, playing dead, and gyrating on the floor, she sang a little.  We were not impressed.  The gals sitting around us probably thought we weren't going to be any fun during the whole concert, because for Lady Gaga's performance, we sat there staring with our mouths hanging open.  And when we did speak, it was mostly to talk about how ridiculous her act was.  Moving right along...

Next was Natasha Bedingfield.  She was fun.  She did a good job warming us up for the good stuff.  We enjoyed her fun, upbeat music & her performance.  Although we did sing along to some of her songs, we didn't want to waste any serious vocal chords on anybody but the New Kids.

Speaking of New Kids?  Um - awesome.  Before they came out there was a montage on the big TVs around the stage that showed some of their past history & clips of old performances.  It talked about how it has been so many years since they'd been together.  Then they came out.


Don't laugh at me when I tell you I cried a little bit.  Here & several other times throughout the show.  I said don't laugh.

They put on a great show.  I was pleased to see that much of the show time was spent performing the old stuff.  That's the stuff I wanted to hear.


And they delivered, baby.

Joey-Joe has always been my favorite.


And Courtney has always loved Donnie.


About halfway through the show, they guys showed up on this small circle stage near the back of the floor.  We had a great view of them there.  The stage had a grand piano on it and it spun in a circle.  I think they did 3 or 4 songs here.  They were casually sitting on the piano during some of the talking parts and seriously interacting with the crowd.  Wow.  I bet those girls were very pleasantly surprised when they found themselves so close.


There were several "transition" songs throughout the show, when one guy would take the stage solo while the others changed outfits or something.

Here's Jordan.  With his shirt unbuttoned and a breeze blowing.


I loved how the stage looked for this one.  It is a classic.  Cover Girl.


Some more shots of the show...



And for the encore numbers, they donned cute basketball attire.  It reminded me of High School Musical.  In a good way.


The concert was good.  Really good.  I can't believe I could talk or hear anything afterwards.  It brought back all of those great feelings of being a kid again.  I had a blast and loved every minute of it.  Except the Lady Gaga part.

We were on cloud nine.

Until we tried to find the cab who was supposed to take us back to the hotel.

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Jennifer P. said...

I got sooooo excited reading this post! Joey-Joe was always my favorite too! I use to pray for him when I was 14---I knew if he could just meet me that he would fall in love and take me to Prom :).....

So--you've been lurking have you? Well--speak up :)! I'm pretty good about giving the comment love when I get it!

And as for arranged marriages with my Zane---well, you remember what it was like when you were a teenager. Would YOU have married anyone your MOM wanted you to?!?! If it's meant to be, we should probably encourage them NOT to see one another. Then they'll end up together for sure :)

Have a great day!
~Jennifer P.

Amy said...

You said not to laugh, but i did. you haven't changed much since college. I loved and still love how excited you get over things. Have to admit...this was a big one! Glad you got to go and had such a great time.

Sorry about the cab ride. Much easier to mapquest it and do it yourself.

Natalie said...

i am so glad that you had so much fun. you got some great pictures!!! i have always loved donny too! i'm also glad to hear that they focused mostly on their old stuff..that would have been what i wanted to hear too.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, my gosh, this looks like so much fun! Thanks for showing us the pics and giving us the blow-by-blow! -Julia :-)