Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{kids looking forward to chores...yes...really - wfmw}

Have you ever heard of Handipoints? Well, it is currently the way that our family is handling chores. Here's a blurb taken directly from the website:

"Online chore charts that allow parents to award points that children can redeem for virtual rewards."

Here's a blurb from my brain:

"My kids love online games and playing around on the internet. This is a great way to combine that devotion with getting things done around the house that need to be done. The points they earn can be "traded in" for a non-virtual, real life prize. My kids are working toward earning webkinz. I asked them what they wanted to earn, considered the price, and set the value for each chore accordingly. It is a little bit confusing to learn at first (for me, who was setting up the charts...the kids had no problem with their part), of course I didn't read any directions, just jumped right in, so that might have been the problem.

There is an online world (kind of like webkinz) where they can have a house, play games, and interact with others. It is what is working for us right now!"

For other great ideas, visit rocks in my dryer.

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Heather said...

We just discovered Handipoints!!

abeachcottage said...


thanks for your lovely comments on my blog...

yeah we've been using chore charts for a few years, a total failure at the moment here in the cottage, I need to get back on the chore wagon lol!

Susie Harris said...

Thank you for that tip ... I will so have to go over and check it out.. When I say chores at my house they look at me and say wha???? It kills me! Thank you thank you!

Chambers Family said...

I am going to employ a system like that soon...I just read "America's Cheapest Family" book and it has a whole section on kidsmart money. (It's on my blog;) I'll let you know if it works!

Amy said...

Very nice! Thanks. Hope you're ankle is doing better...bummer fall!