Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

I forgot to blog about the snow day we had last weekend. As I was going through the pictures on my camera, I found this picture and wanted to write about it. It was our first snow this year and the kids were so excited to bundle up and freeze their little tushies off outdoors. After playing outside for a while, they laid on the floor under a blanket positioned over the heating vent. Each time the heater comes on, being under the blanket is so warm! I never did that until I got married. My husband grew up watching his mom warm up like that...and it is positively marvelous! Notice the kid's rosy cheeks from playing in the snow.

New Outlook on Decorations

I wanted to post pictures of the vignettes I put together last week, using decorations I already had at the house. Rest assured, most of the things you see were purchased on clearance, from a thrift store, or rescued from the dump.

Sideboard - FREE, left over from an estate sale my sister did not sell
Mirror - FREE, rescued from the dump
Runner - $3.74, Target clearance
Rattan Candle Holder - $4.25, Goodwill
Candle in Holder - FREE, gift from a friend
Faux Amaryllis - $10, 1/2 price at an estate sale...orig. purchased for $200 from furniture store
Candle Holder - $2.25, Goodwill
Ball on Candle Holder - $.50, Michael's
Cream Pitcher - $3.25, Goodwill
Dark Brown Tray - $3.74, Target Clearance

The only thing purchased at full price was the copper color square bowl/tray that is from Southern Living at Home. I think it was $27. A lot of money for me, but I was supporting a friend in her business.

Yuckiness and Inspiration

I have been suffering from either a nasty cold or my sinusitus has reared it's ugly head again. For those of you who don't know, I have surgery scheduled for this Thursday to correct this sinus problem. I have been on antibiotics for months and it as been keeping the yuckiness at bay.

While I've been in bed resting, I have been spending a lot of time on the internet being captivated by blogs from some marvelous women. I feel like my new best friend is Merideth at Like Merchant Ships, although we've never met or even conversed online! I have gone back in her archives and learned so much! I consider myself a fairly frugal gal, but she really has taught me so much! This blog thing is so I knew there was some cool stuff on the Internet, but really...I had no idea that some blogs were so fun. I also followed links to a ton of other blogs from her site that she likes to frequent.

I'm going to start sharing decorating and deal-finding adventures that I regularly have. Maybe someone will find some enjoyment from it. It will at least give me some incentive to get more projects done around the house, since I tend to procrastinate. I'll post some pictures of some vignettes I put together downstairs after I took my Christmas decorations down. I wanted to jazz up the surfaces in my home. And I found that it is helpful to take pictures and see things from a "distance" through the finished photo. It helps me to see what needs to be changed or added.

During the next few days before the surgery, I will be cleaning up my room (why is it that the master bedroom is always the last one I get to?). I don't want to be embarrassed if friends come up to my room while I'm recooperating. I'll post a picture of my new-to-me comforter set soon.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I've joined the blog-world!

OK - so I got caught up reading a friend of a friend's blog and now I have to create my own. What a great way to keep up with the lives of friends and family who may not be close by. I also think that it is a fun way to journal my life and what is going on. I will definitely be making mine into a book once the year is over. That will be a fun keepsake.

I'll try to make it fun and interesting by adding pictures and videos. I got a new camera and video camera for Christmas, so I really have NO EXCUSES for not adding that fun flair.

I'll start with a picture of our family that was taken on Christmas Eve while we were waiting in line to see Santa at the Children's museum.