Monday, January 28, 2008

New Outlook on Decorations

I wanted to post pictures of the vignettes I put together last week, using decorations I already had at the house. Rest assured, most of the things you see were purchased on clearance, from a thrift store, or rescued from the dump.

Sideboard - FREE, left over from an estate sale my sister did not sell
Mirror - FREE, rescued from the dump
Runner - $3.74, Target clearance
Rattan Candle Holder - $4.25, Goodwill
Candle in Holder - FREE, gift from a friend
Faux Amaryllis - $10, 1/2 price at an estate sale...orig. purchased for $200 from furniture store
Candle Holder - $2.25, Goodwill
Ball on Candle Holder - $.50, Michael's
Cream Pitcher - $3.25, Goodwill
Dark Brown Tray - $3.74, Target Clearance

The only thing purchased at full price was the copper color square bowl/tray that is from Southern Living at Home. I think it was $27. A lot of money for me, but I was supporting a friend in her business.

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