Saturday, January 31, 2009


So I haven't posted in way too long.  Months, y'all.  And I've missed it.  So, I'm back.

I started working a part time job and love it, but during the getting-used-to-my-time-not-being-my-own-anymore adjustment period, I didn't feel like I could spare any brain power on blogging.  I know that sounds lame, but it is what it is.

My new goal for my home and life is to be deliberate.  Instead of reacting to life, I want to make it happen the way I want it to.  I'm talking about things I can control here, like my house.  I'm sick of it being in perpetual upheaval.  I can control that if I choose to. 

I'll share more about my movement towards 'deliberacy' in the future.  {I know that isn't a word, but I like it}.   For now, here is some inspiration for you and me.

Simple-storage-pic2 row

How cute are these?  Check out this great blog post for some cuter-than-a-label-maker ways to label your stuff.  She sells decorative vinyl.  I've never purchased any, but have been drooling over it for a while.