Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flea Market Finds!

I promised you pictures of my flea market finds from last Saturday. The most wonderful flea market happens once a year in the nearby city of Richmond and it is the pinnacle of awesomeness. Well, I loaded up the van that day, let me tell ya!

The chair in the top picture now proudly sits in my living room with it's twin. I purchased the set for only $20!!!! Seriously....can you believe it? They are structurally in great shape, and the color is perfect for that room.

The rug in the above photo was a steal at only $15. It has a little damage, but is so charming and goes perfect in my back hallway. I have tole painted trays hanging on the wall in there, so they are really perfect together.

This mini table is going to be perfect next to Mike's recliner. It needed a little sturdying up and it needs to be shorter, but it is the perfect small size to fit there and kindly hold his beverage. And I'll also paint it. But for $2!!!!???? It really was perfect!

This trio of Willilamsburg sketches in their black and white beauty will go in my bedroom. I am doing a soft grayish blue on the walls and black and white toile on the bed. Believe it or not, I only paid $3 for the trio. Maaaavelous. I will paint the frame and gold matte black, though.

I got tons of cute clothes for my kids and my husband. A pair of cute designer leather shoes for me ($1), and some more finds for the house. I'll do another installment with those and I'll also show you what all the new pretties look like in their homes all fixed up. Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Break

So I finally uploaded the rest of the Spring Break photos onto the computer. We had a blast visiting our friends in Newport News, VA. Friday it was about 87 degrees, and we went to Yorktown Beach....
an awesome playground near Jamestown...

and the Virginia Beach Aquarium...

At the aquarium we played with stingrays...

Hung out with alligators...

and watched a real-life duck decoy carver...

Since we were right by the oceanfront, we decided to stop was FREEZING on Saturday when we were there, so we only stayed a few minutes. We saw some people riding horses on the beach...BEAUTIFUL...

Spring Break was so fun. I'll post some of my finds from the flea market soon! Way cute stuff!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring, Sick Kids, Cleaning House, & Flea Market!

(picture from
I love this time of year. The flowering trees are one of my favorite things about Spring in Virginia. Dogwoods...ahhhh!

My kids have been sick for the past couple of weeks, really. Zach had scarlet fever, and Taylor Fifth's Disease. It sounds like we should have a lock-down quarantine around here. Things are going alright, though. I think everyone is on the mend.

Everyone has been talking (or blogging) about spring cleaning lately. I haven't felt well enough or had the energy to even think about it. But my mom came over and for a few days and we cleaned, rearranged, decorated, hung stuff up, threw stuff away, and cleaned some more. Whew! If I didn't know she loved me before, I know it for sure now! :)

This Saturday is my favorite JUNKIN' event of the year! It is a flea market called Thirteen Acres and I have gotten a slew of great stuff there in past years. They used to do it twice a year, but now it is only once. I CAN'T WAIT! Can you tell I'm a little excited?!!!!! I'll be sure to fill you in on the treasures I bring home!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Singin' in the Mall, Just Singin' in the Mall

You may be wondering what the heck I mean by the title of this post.'ll love it! If you know me, you know I adore, love, am addicted to MUSICALS! There is just something strange right when random people spontaneously break out in song, especially in public places. My heart swells when they all harmonize so harmoniously. Ok - so that was a bit redundant.

Check this out, as cruddy horrible under the weather as I feel, this had me laughing OUT LOUD. I kid you not.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

La La La La Linky Love

Don't spit your diet coke all over your computer monitor! I don't mean kinky love. Linky love is where I share a few links of posts or sites that I've been enjoying lately. Get it? LINK-y love. Are you feeling the color coming back to your cheeks?

I just saw the absolute most cutest ever! baby socks. They are just plain ol' regular socks, except they're not. They look like shoes! But they are only socks! Trompe l'oeil you say? One of the greatest examples ever. Here are some for girls. And check these out for the boys. They are made by a company called Trumpette. To see them on an adorable little girl, look here. I wish these had been around when my kiddos were leeetle.

Seriously! Can you stand it? I don't think I can.

With Spring upon us, you might enjoy finding some pick your own fruits and veggies farms close to where you live. Check out this site. It list local u-pick farms by locality. See if you've got one near you!

I just found a new blog today (It is called Just Beachy) and I have spent several hours reading the archives. I. LOVE. HER. HOME. She decorates maaaa-velously and I am so inspired to change some of my color schemes similar to the ones she has used. Beautiful and cozy at the same time. I've been sick, so have many, many hours in my bed with my laptop and gorgeous blogs like this one! Check out her family room. She reupholstered and painted the lovely desk chair. Also look at this one. It is her bedroom. And don't judge her because she has an exercise machine in her room. At least she uses it! :)

Hope you enjoy these links as much as I have!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tag! You're it!

I thought this tag looked pretty fun! You have to find pictures on google images to describe your answers. You can't use any of your own personal pictures. Here's what I came up with...

1. My favorite song -
It seriously changes every month or so, but here is what it is right now. Taylor Swift's "Our Song". You should hear Taylor, Zach and I sing this at the top of our lungs in the car.

2. Favorite Author -
The jury is out on this one. I read this series a while back that I absolutely loved. I have a phone call in to my sista to help me remember the name of the author....

3. My favorite dessert -

Yum! The best dessert I've ever had was a banana pudding creme brulee-type thing. It was at a restaurant that I've only been to once and it was seriously the best tasting dessert ever! I've tried to go back but they have weird hours. I'll have to try harder!

4. Where I Live -

Virginia! I love it here because this is home. Some family is closeby. The beach isn't too far away either!

5. My Job -

Doesn't that really say it all?

6. My favorite color -

Once again, it is something that changes fairly frequently. But for a while now, colors like this feel really soothing to me. I hope to paint our bonus room this top color sooner or later. Probably later...

7. My Favorite Animal -

Have you ever....? Seriously! I think that YORKIES are the most adorable little things. I have never owned one, but really want to some day. I'm not ready for another pet right now (we have a shih tzu named Tanner, whom I love dearly) but pets are sometimes like children, responsibility-wise, except you can't put your kid in a cage at night to sleep. No really, I love my kids tons! One day....the day.

8. My Bad Habit -

Remember...these picture aren't really my house. I found them on the internet, for real! But I am not a good cleaner upper. I really wish I was, but I'm just not. I'm not saying that my house has never resembled this lovely room, but it is just not my house. No, I'm not getting defensive.

9. My Favorite Food -
Oh my! Now I'm hungry! I had to search through pages and pages of cheese fries to find this perfect picture and now I'm hungry. I wasn't anticipating that. :( I love the cheese fries from Lonestar Steakhouse and from Texas Roadhouse. Ok, maybe the cheese fries are just better in Texas? Anyone?

10. My Favorite Hobby -

I really do. Mostly reading blogs. I seriously can't get enough. I have always enjoyed magazines that had to do with frugal decorating, parenting, or basically anything I'm interested in. Reading blogs is like having an unlimited amount of these magazines available to me...FOR FREE! (I know, high speed internet is not free) Free is my favorite price! Since I've been sick a lot for months and months (seriously - don't get me started) I have been obsessed with having the laptop in the bed with me. I never run out of reading material. And I love wireless internet! :)

11. My Picture -
So - for those of you who know me in real life, you know this is not me. There are lots of people with my name, though. This is one of them. I will take it. I look pretty hot.

I'm not going to specifically tag anyone, but if you think this looks fun, go ahead! I'm just warning'll get hungry when looking for favorite food and dessert pictures.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break - Thursday

All moms adore Chuck-E-Cheese, right? Riiiiiiiiiiight! Well, my kiddos wanted to go during spring break and it had been a while. So...being the awesome mom that I happen to be, I even let them bring friends. I know. I'm too cool for words. We all packed in the van, not forgetting the coupons, and headed out. Like I said, it had been a while since we'd been and whadaya know...the place had gotten a face lift. They had expanded, opened the place up a bit, and added more cool stuff and more booths! I approve of the improvements. It was quite nice, and not as crowded as I expected it to be. Yay for me! I was equipped with my coupons and my cell phone so I could play solitare while they played. I've kind of become obsessed with that game lately. Can't help it. It was fun. Chuck himself even came out to visit the kids and tossed a bunch of tickets in the air. You should've seen those kiddos scrambling like craaaaaazy to get those tickets. It turned out that each pair of children (my child + friend) got to exchange their tickets added together for a bag of cotton candy. Yum! That was a decent prize if you ask me!

I like the new digs Chuck!