Wednesday, April 9, 2008

La La La La Linky Love

Don't spit your diet coke all over your computer monitor! I don't mean kinky love. Linky love is where I share a few links of posts or sites that I've been enjoying lately. Get it? LINK-y love. Are you feeling the color coming back to your cheeks?

I just saw the absolute most cutest ever! baby socks. They are just plain ol' regular socks, except they're not. They look like shoes! But they are only socks! Trompe l'oeil you say? One of the greatest examples ever. Here are some for girls. And check these out for the boys. They are made by a company called Trumpette. To see them on an adorable little girl, look here. I wish these had been around when my kiddos were leeetle.

Seriously! Can you stand it? I don't think I can.

With Spring upon us, you might enjoy finding some pick your own fruits and veggies farms close to where you live. Check out this site. It list local u-pick farms by locality. See if you've got one near you!

I just found a new blog today (It is called Just Beachy) and I have spent several hours reading the archives. I. LOVE. HER. HOME. She decorates maaaa-velously and I am so inspired to change some of my color schemes similar to the ones she has used. Beautiful and cozy at the same time. I've been sick, so have many, many hours in my bed with my laptop and gorgeous blogs like this one! Check out her family room. She reupholstered and painted the lovely desk chair. Also look at this one. It is her bedroom. And don't judge her because she has an exercise machine in her room. At least she uses it! :)

Hope you enjoy these links as much as I have!

4 love notes to me!:

Kelli said...

I'm moving in! I love the backyard too. That house is la la la lovely! :)

P.S. Did you see my response to ya on my blog on how to add a picture to the header?

Kelli said...

Cute little socks too!

Amy said...

Love the Beachy blog. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have been sick a lot, what's going on?

Amy said...

Hey...a funny thing just happened. My son was messing around with the mouse and clicked on your friend Kelli's blog. It looked familiar and I realized that my friends Diana and Tommy have her on their friend blog list also. How crazy is that?!