Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tag! You're it!

I thought this tag looked pretty fun! You have to find pictures on google images to describe your answers. You can't use any of your own personal pictures. Here's what I came up with...

1. My favorite song -
It seriously changes every month or so, but here is what it is right now. Taylor Swift's "Our Song". You should hear Taylor, Zach and I sing this at the top of our lungs in the car.

2. Favorite Author -
The jury is out on this one. I read this series a while back that I absolutely loved. I have a phone call in to my sista to help me remember the name of the author....

3. My favorite dessert -

Yum! The best dessert I've ever had was a banana pudding creme brulee-type thing. It was at a restaurant that I've only been to once and it was seriously the best tasting dessert ever! I've tried to go back but they have weird hours. I'll have to try harder!

4. Where I Live -

Virginia! I love it here because this is home. Some family is closeby. The beach isn't too far away either!

5. My Job -

Doesn't that really say it all?

6. My favorite color -

Once again, it is something that changes fairly frequently. But for a while now, colors like this feel really soothing to me. I hope to paint our bonus room this top color sooner or later. Probably later...

7. My Favorite Animal -

Have you ever....? Seriously! I think that YORKIES are the most adorable little things. I have never owned one, but really want to some day. I'm not ready for another pet right now (we have a shih tzu named Tanner, whom I love dearly) but pets are sometimes like children, responsibility-wise, except you can't put your kid in a cage at night to sleep. No really, I love my kids tons! One day....the day.

8. My Bad Habit -

Remember...these picture aren't really my house. I found them on the internet, for real! But I am not a good cleaner upper. I really wish I was, but I'm just not. I'm not saying that my house has never resembled this lovely room, but it is just not my house. No, I'm not getting defensive.

9. My Favorite Food -
Oh my! Now I'm hungry! I had to search through pages and pages of cheese fries to find this perfect picture and now I'm hungry. I wasn't anticipating that. :( I love the cheese fries from Lonestar Steakhouse and from Texas Roadhouse. Ok, maybe the cheese fries are just better in Texas? Anyone?

10. My Favorite Hobby -

I really do. Mostly reading blogs. I seriously can't get enough. I have always enjoyed magazines that had to do with frugal decorating, parenting, or basically anything I'm interested in. Reading blogs is like having an unlimited amount of these magazines available to me...FOR FREE! (I know, high speed internet is not free) Free is my favorite price! Since I've been sick a lot for months and months (seriously - don't get me started) I have been obsessed with having the laptop in the bed with me. I never run out of reading material. And I love wireless internet! :)

11. My Picture -
So - for those of you who know me in real life, you know this is not me. There are lots of people with my name, though. This is one of them. I will take it. I look pretty hot.

I'm not going to specifically tag anyone, but if you think this looks fun, go ahead! I'm just warning'll get hungry when looking for favorite food and dessert pictures.

3 love notes to me!:

Chambers Family said...

I don't know where to look for pictures! Help! Those are fun. I'm glad that you love blogging because it's fun to see you and keep updated with your life! You are so fun! Wish me luck!

Jen said...

Mel - if you go to google and type in what you are looking for. Search for it - at the top of the page you'll see where you can click "images". That's where! Have fun!

Terri said...

Cool I had no idea you were a blogger also! It is true you learn something new every day!