Wednesday, October 22, 2008

{mt. laundry - wfmw}

So it seems like laundry multiplies like bunnies.  Just when you think you are caught up (yeah right), Mount Laundry rears it's evil head and cackles a monstrous laugh.  "Muuah...haah...haah."

OK - so maybe that's just me.


I like to do a chore and be done with it.  None of this never-ending stuff.  I have come up with a system that helps me to feel a little bit better about laundry. 

Monday - Parent's darks

Tuesday - Parent's lights

Wednesday - Towels & sheets

Thursday - Taylor's clothes

Friday - Zach's clothes

This way, after I'm done with the laundry for the day, I am done with laundry for the day.  Check.

What a weight off of my shoulders when I can say that laundry is done for the day. 

It works for me.


I've gathered some laundry room inspiration for y'all to drool over:

laundry country living 

(photo source: Country Living)

 laundry room womens day

 (photo source: Women's Day)

laundry this old house 

(photo source: This Old House)

 laundry rate my space

(photo source: Rate My Space)

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LaurelPlum said...

Very clever schedule. I do one load daily, but I just grab the basket that is highest. Wow! I AM drooling over those photos! My laundry room is just wide enough for the w/d and me to stand in front of them. LOL

(-sorry I do not have a Blogger id even though Google thinks I do. Laurel Plum