Friday, March 14, 2008

100 Things About Me - I've Been Tagged!

Ok- so this is my first tag and it is a doosie! If you can stand to read 100 things about me, then you deserve a high five. Here goes...

1. This is my first time being tagged in blog-world.
2. My husband & I got married 3.5 months after meeting for the first time.
3. I kind of stalked, I mean admired Mike (hubby-o) from afar before he even knew I existed.
4. I'm 5'1'' tall on a good day.
5. I have 2 kids, Taylor & Zach.
6. At night when I tuck Zach in he says, "Goodnight Mommy, m'love!" (like my love) in his cute little voice.
7. Taylor loves to read. She is great at it too.
8. Zach is in kindergarten and is really picking up those reading skills also.
9. I am very outgoing and not afraid to speak up.
10. I married someone who likes to keep to himself much of the time.
11. That's ok because somehow we balance each other out.
12. I have lived in Virginia, Hawaii, and Utah.
13. I adore, adore, ADORE, the beach, and thus loved Hawaii.
14. This is tough...100 things are a lot!
15. I love vacations!
16. Even small's just breaking out of the routine and setting off on an adventure that thrills me.
17. My favorite vaction places usually involve sand and water.
18. But Disney World is up there too.
19. I obsess about planning sometimes.
20. I really went nuts when we were planning our trip to Disney, color coded itenerary note cards anyone?
21. I love Virginia in the Spring.
22. Like now when the flowering trees start blooming, the whole place comes to life.
23. My favorite flowering bush is a hydrangea, oh wait...and forsythia.
24. I can't keep plants alive in my house.
25. I'm not very good at keeping them healthy outside either.
26. But I will never plant fake plants in the ground outside.
27. I am very frugal.
28. And I LOVE being frugal.
29. Even if I didn't have to be frugal, I would anyway. It's like a sport to me.
30. And I'm always on the winning team.
31. Isn't it fun to be good at something?
32. I am also good at decorating...I enjoy it a lot.
33. I am good at being fun.
34. I love to read.
35. I am like Mel and when I am reading something good, it takes over my life.
36. I mean no housework or laundry, only the basics.
37. I turn on music and sing really loud while I clean, it makes it funner.
38. I'm pretty sure that funner isn't a word.
39. That's ok because I was an English major and that gives me the authority to make up words at will.
40. The best one I ever made up was DEMATERNITIZE.
41. As in "I'm not pregnant anymore...I need to dematernitize my closet."
42. I love my neighborhood.
43. And my house.
44. Even though the yard doesn't really have much grass.
45. I bought some cute new silk flowers and ribbon to springify my front door. I have a cute metal bucket that hangs there.
46. See, I did it again...springify isn't a word either.
47. Free is my favorite price, but almost free is good too.
48. I spend a lot of time on the computer.
49. I made myself a chore chart to motivate myself.
50. It works for the kids, why not?
51. OK - halfway through.
52. Pretty colors and fonts make me happy.
53. I refuse to have any white walls in my house.
54. I like to hang plates on the walls.
55. Sometimes when I get home from grocery shopping I only put the freezer and fridge stuff away right away.
56. The other stuff sometimes has to wait till later.
57. Like the next day.
58. I love yard sales & can't wait for the season to start.
59. I also love shopping at the Goodwill.
60. Being a mom is both the hardest and most fulfilling thing I've ever done.
61. I like to smile at strangers.
62. And people I know, too.
63. Why be grumpy?
64. But I am grumpy if I don't get enough sleep.
65. And for some reason, I need more sleep than the average person does.
66. When I was a teenager, I was tested for mono several times because I was always tired.
67. I never had it.
68. Mike always comments and/or thanks me when I clean something out and/or cook a meal.
69. He appreciates the small things.
70. I'm grateful for that, because life keeps us really busy doing the small things.
71. I just got a bunch of cute shirts from Old Navy for $1.99 each.
72. I also walked away from several good shirts because I didn't want to pay $7.99.
73. Told you I was frugal.
74. I "bought" free cereal today at Kroger.
75. I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
76. I currently have 2 callings.
77. Gospel Principles teacher and Activity Day Girls assistant leader.
78. I love teaching Gospel Principles.
79. Sometimes the girls in Activity Days are way to crazy and loud.
80. My husband has the flu right now.
81. I feel bad because he feels bad.
82. I live 3 miles from my mom and dad.
83. I live too many miles from my in-laws.
84. I am one of the few that totally loves her mother and father inlaw.
85. How lucky am I?
86. My college roomate from Hawaii recently found me on facebook.
87. After about 13 years!
88. It is so great to be back in touch with her! I've thought of her often!
89. I love warm weather.
90. Today is is 75 degrees!
91. I am going on a girls night with my girlfriend tonight.
92. We are celebrating her birthday.
93. I have 2 best girlfriends.
94. The other one is moving to Texas in 2 weeks.
95. I will really miss her.
96. But she will be back in a couple of years.
97. I like to surround myself with outgoing people.
98. I am addicted to Lost.
99. Can you believe they are still lost?
100. Now you know more about me than you did before. Good for you for sticking with it!

4 love notes to me!:

Kari and clan said...

Hey!!! I loved reading your 100 things. It definitely was a doosie, but it was fun to learn a few new things about each other. Tell Mike I hope he gets feeling better. Have a great day!!!

April said...

Oh my goodness! My calling is Activity Days assistant leader too (for the 8 & 9 year olds) and many times I leave our acrtivity and am thankful how quietly my children play!! :o)

April said...

Oh and I too am SO glad to have found you on facebook, because I had been trying to find you for YEARS!!!! Miss ya cutie!

Chambers Family said...

That was fun. I'm glad you can relate with the book thing. I love it. We should recommend books to each other when we find good ones! I can say from experience that it sure takes a lot longer to write than to read 100 things! Don't you agree?? Good luck with Activity days, I'm sure you are great and fun...How many girls? Have a fun day!:)