Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adios Mayer Family....We Love You!

(Trista, Julia, & Emily - she's my little sista)

Our great friends, the Mayers are moving to Texas. We had a girls' night Tuesday as a last hurrah and it was a blast. We went to Red Robin in our jammies and people looked at us like we were nuts so cool. Here are a few pics from that night. Looking at these pictures, you would never guess that none of us even drink alcohol. Actually, all of us were drinking freckled strawberry lemonade...yum!

(Me, Ginny, & Carol)

(Becca, Me, Ginny, Carol, Trista, & Julia)

There is just something special about a friendship where you never have to question whether to be your whole self. Where the comfort level is such that you are never embarassed in front of that person. Love her to death. Hope to visit her soon!

Here are some pics of our kids together on the evening we said goodbye.

(Taylor & Jonathan)

(Brooklyn wants to marry Zach in the Temple. Here she is savoring the moment...)

2 love notes to me!:

Kari and clan said...

Red Robin looks like it was a blast. I love having friends that I can totally be myself around. It's always great to not worry about what people are thinking. Looked like it was my kind of evening.

Chambers Family said...

Where in TX? Houston is great-very hospitable:) Zach sure looks cute. I do think he looks like a little Mike, but I also think Braden looks like Zach. I've never thought Mike and Dave looked so much alike, but apparently there must be more resemblance than I thought at first. The Chambers definately produce cute males huh? :)