Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Hair Story

I recently got my hair cut (about 3 weeks ago) and am so glad I did. It had been so long since I'd cut it (probably since October or November) so it was kind of a desperate situation. Sooooooo here it is!

When I got married I had a similar version of this cut 10 years ago. Since then it has varied much but seems to always come back to this style that just works for me. It is quick and easy to fix, but feels like there is a "style" there. Growing up, through high school and part of college I had all one length hair about to the middle of my back. When the Jennifer Aniston thing hit in about 1996 I did that and it seemed adventurous. Once I got a stacked bob, that was it.

The photo to the right is me and some college buddies my freshman year. I don't have any other pics digital, and you can't see my hair that good in this shot, but can you believe I am the same person? I can't! I'm the 2nd from the right in the tealish shirt.

What is your hair story?

3 love notes to me!:

April said...

I love the bob on you!! I think it suits you perfectly. I would love to cut my hair short, it is so much easier to "do", but Spencer always likes my hair long, and when it actually gets done, so do I. But then I see how cute your 'do is and I long to just hack mine off! I am overdue for a cut, so much so that my bangs are at my lips now so all I do is tuck them behind my ear, yuck!

Chambers Family said...

I love it! It is so fun to have a new cut. I'm really loving my new do. My hair rotation is usually a little past my shoulders then to my neck. I try to get adventurous but can never cut it shorter than ponytail length, so this is new. I guess the reason I don't let it get too long is because when I worked at the local grocery store, I had to unload the carts. At the time my hair was pretty long. It was down and all of the picking up caught the hair in my armpit. By the time a guy pointed out the hairball in my armpit I was so embarrassed that I chopped it off the next day! It's never been that long since:)

Jen said...

April - it is way different from way back when we were in Hawaii, but I do love it. Mike met me when it was short, but he loves looking at the pics when it was long. I was also skinny then. :)

Mel - Armpit hairball=not attractive! - Glad you aren't fighting that battle anymore! I love short hair. It gives me my "spunk". Or maybe it just fits my spunky personality.