Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flea Market Finds!

I promised you pictures of my flea market finds from last Saturday. The most wonderful flea market happens once a year in the nearby city of Richmond and it is the pinnacle of awesomeness. Well, I loaded up the van that day, let me tell ya!

The chair in the top picture now proudly sits in my living room with it's twin. I purchased the set for only $20!!!! Seriously....can you believe it? They are structurally in great shape, and the color is perfect for that room.

The rug in the above photo was a steal at only $15. It has a little damage, but is so charming and goes perfect in my back hallway. I have tole painted trays hanging on the wall in there, so they are really perfect together.

This mini table is going to be perfect next to Mike's recliner. It needed a little sturdying up and it needs to be shorter, but it is the perfect small size to fit there and kindly hold his beverage. And I'll also paint it. But for $2!!!!???? It really was perfect!

This trio of Willilamsburg sketches in their black and white beauty will go in my bedroom. I am doing a soft grayish blue on the walls and black and white toile on the bed. Believe it or not, I only paid $3 for the trio. Maaaavelous. I will paint the frame and gold matte black, though.

I got tons of cute clothes for my kids and my husband. A pair of cute designer leather shoes for me ($1), and some more finds for the house. I'll do another installment with those and I'll also show you what all the new pretties look like in their homes all fixed up. Thanks for looking!

2 love notes to me!:

April said...

WOW!! You did find some deals! We don't have anything like that here and if we did they would be priced higher, that seems to be the Seattle norm. That's why I love going to California and hitting up the swap meets and malls with their faux designer sunglasses. You are a luck girl indeed!!! Can't wait to see more pics!

G&RA said...

Way to go Jen! I can see you haven't lost that "bargain hunting" touch. Keep up the good work. . .