Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{my 100th post!}

OK - so here's the deal. I've been stewing over what kind of phenomenal 100th post I could write for almost a week. You know...creative, witty, entertaining, and all-around wonderful. Therefore...I've been avoiding posting on this blog until I came up with the perfect post. The problem is this: I got nothin'.

So I would like to commemorate my 100th post with a big 'ol WOO-HOO! Would you like to join me? Come on now...everyone together..."WOO-HOO!"

I'll be back real soon with somethin' good. I promise. :)

P.S. My pantry got cleaned out yesterday. Yay! I'll get some pictures up here soon. My cute daughter and her friend helped me.

3 love notes to me!:

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said... are not going to get out of this THAT easy! Come on now, Jen.

You can do a 101st post!

Ideas to choose from:
The obvious - 101 Things About You. You could include at least 20 sentences about your history with Jason Mraz...the people want to know.

Or write a little paragraph - call it 101 Words About... yourself or why your started blogging or your new obsession with Across The Universe. :)

Or 101 favorite things...movies, music (Jason Mraz - haha), books, places, foods, etc...

Yes, this is bloggy peer pressure...You know you want to. :)

Natalie said...

oh the 101 things idea is a great idea. guess you better get to work! :-) i am quickly approaching my 400th post...but will probably wait to 500 for something to profound!

April said...

WOO HOO for sure! Go you!!!