Friday, September 19, 2008

{101st post - across the universe}

101 Things About My New Obsession: Across the Universe

FYI - this is my 101st post on this here blog and was bullied encouraged to write a better post to commemorate this monumentous event!  I've already done the meme listing 100 things about me.  So here's this unique 101st post for ya.  I had to be a bit different.

  1. When the movie was released in October of 2007 I had no desire to see this movie.
  2. I thought it looked way too weird/strange/generally acid-tripping from the previews.
  3. Actually, I had to look up the release date on because I didn't even remember exactly when it was new.
  4. You want some background on me for a minute?...
  5. OK - I had a Beatles phase in college.
  6. It was after a trip to Vegas and spending some time in a cool memorobelia shop in Caesar's Palace.
  7. A guy friend that I worked with was really into The Beatles so it kind of just happened.
  8. It is such timeless music that it is sort of inevitable, really.
  9. Another reason it was inevitable is that my mom loves them.
  10.  I mean, really loves them!
  11.  Like, she's loved them ever since she was a kid and would cry at night because she loved Paul so much and didn't think she'd ever get to see him in person.
  12. Back then, she promised herself that if her kids ever had a music love, crush, obsession that she would try to indulge them in that love.
  13. That is why I saw NKOTB in concert 5 times. 
  14. Yes.  I said FIVE times.
  15. I know.  I'm lucky, right?
  16. Fast forward to several years ago when my mom got to see a PAUL concert.  Seriously.  All of her dreams came true.  
  17. To this day, when she hears Paul singing on the radio or in a public place she stops...and reflects on the fact that she was actually in the same room as he was...breathing the same air as Paul McCartney!
  18. My sister, Emily, who is a few years younger than I am has an unhealthy tremendous love for The Beatles as well.
  19. That is another reason why, when the movie came out, we just didn't see it.
  20. I mean, it was like sacrilidge...all these young people singing Beatles songs...who did they think they were?
  21. Even though we are lovers of all things musical, especially show choir, plays and movies that include music.
  22. Seriously...we are there on opening day when wonderful musical plays are made into movies.  We love them.
  23. But we just weren't going to go there with ATU.  (That's what real lovers of this movie call it - Across the Universe).
  24. Then I broke my ankle this past August and had a ton of time on my hands.
  25. ATU was available to watch on our On Demand cable movie channel.
  26. I thought...what the heck? I'll just watch it for a minute and see what all the buzz was about.
  27. After all...I have a ton of time on my hands. 
  28. Jim Sturgess immediately caught my attention with the opening song set on the beach.  
  29. He sang "Girl"...on the beach...with a Brittish accent...looking straight at the camera...and spoke right directly to my heart.
  30. I couldn't turn it off.
  31. I didn't want to, either.
  32. Ok - I admit there are some strange acid-tripping parts in this movie depicting the late 60's, but seriously...doesn't that seem to fit in with that time period?
  33. Then...there was this scene in the bowling alley where he sang "I've Just Seen A Face" and I fell even deeper in love with every nuance of his movement. 
  34.'re right...I am happily married (today is actually our 11th anniversary...yay!)
  35. I was born in 1976, so did not live to experience any part of the 60's.  But I appreciate the insight this movie gives me into that time.
  36. I is just a musical...but I can't help it...strong emotions are evoked by certain parts of the movie.
  37. Lots of historical events are touched on and covered in the movie.
  38. Like the Vietnam war.
  39. And the protests that went along with it.
  40. Also the feelings of the families and friends who had loved ones fighting there.
  41. And the fact that some of them didn't make it home.
  42. Racial contention was also touched on in the movie.
  43. In a touching scene set to "Let It Be."
  44. On a much happier note, this movie introduced me to the scrumpteousness that is Jim Sturgess.  His character's name is Jude.
  45. And Joe Anderson. Joe plays Jim's friend, Max.
  46. And since I've recently devoured the imdb's archives on this movie, I think I'll share with you some of the things that I found interesting.
  47. If you're not as crazy about this movie as I am, you might think these morsels of information are ridiculously boring.  Not me...
  48. Joe Anderson originally tried out for the part of Jude, but once he read the script, he decided that he was more of a "Max."
  49. Max is American & Joe does a knock-out job on his American accent.
  50. So much of the details in this movie correspond or were inspired by actual events in the life of The Beatles, even though the movie's storyline isn't about them.
  51. All the names of the main characters come from Beatles songs.
  52. Jude is from "Hey Jude."
  53. Max is from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer."
  54. Lucy is from "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
  55. Prudence is from "Dear Prudence."
  56. Jo Jo is mentioned in the song "Get Back."
  57. Sadie is the main event in "Sexy Sadie."
  58. Back to the other intersting tidbits...
  59. A club where Jude is seen near the beginning of the movie is called The Cavern, in Liverpool, where the Beatles played in the 60's.
  60. There's a scene where Sadie's band plays on the rooftop of their recording label's building.  This is a clear reference to The Beatles' last public performance that took place on the rooftop of the building of their record label.
  61. Sadie's record company is named "Strawberry Jamz."  This is a reference to the Beatles record company - "Apple Corps."
  62. There are several parts in the movie that I almost always rewind and play a few times in a row. 
  63. One is the bowling alley scene...YUM!
  64. Depending on my mood, I might watch the opening scene on the beach again, or the part on the streets of Liverpool with Jude and his Brit girlfriend where he sings "All My Lovin'."
  65. One of my favorite things I learned while I casually fervently watched Jim Sturgess interviews on YouTube is that...
  67. Sorry that I yelled for a minute, but seriously...the movie versions of the song are the way they sang them right then and there acting the scene.
  68. Can you believe that?
  69. I am in awe.
  70. There is a crazy Beatles song called "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" that is inserted into the psychodelic part of the film.  
  71. My kid's saw that part and thought that I must be crazy for watching such a weird movie.
  72. Maybe I am.
  73. If I am, then I don't want to be not crazy.
  74. By the way, Lucy reminds me a lot of pictures I've seen of my mom during her high school years.
  75. She graduated in 1971.
  76. Lucy starts out as kind of a goody-two-shoes preppy girl...
  77. And ends up in Grenwich Villiage...kind of not so goody-two-shoes.
  78. My mom was more like the first Lucy.
  79. There are lots of cameos throughout the movie.
  80. You've got Selma Hayek.
  81. Joe Cocker.
  82. Bono.
  83. A movie commenter on imdb thought the movie was the love child of Moulin Rogue and Hairspray.
  84. I guess I can see that.
  85. Sadie's character is supposed to "parallel" Janis Joplin.
  86. Jo Jo is "like unto" Jimi Hendrix.
  87. Jude is thought of as a compilation of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
  88. I see it.
  89. Did I mention I adore him?
  90. Also, that I have some new Jim wallpaper on my laptop?
  91. Evan Rachel Woods plays Lucy in the film. 
  92. She also dates Marilyn Manson in real life.
  93. Yuck!
  94. Please don't hold that against this film.
  95. Have I convinced you to see it yet?
  96. I'll be seein' ya later.
  97. I have to go watch ATU again.
  98. Wanna join me?
  99. We'll pop some popcorn and make a night of it!
  100. Will you come back for my 102nd post?
  101. I promise it won't be as long as this! :)

4 love notes to me!:

Natalie said...

holy cow i just learned a ton! i don't even remember hearing about this movie and i can honestly say i knew nothing about it until now! guess i am glad you were, er encouraged, to do a 101 post!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

OH.MY.GOSH!!! You ARE obsessed...haha

and "bullied"? You know you LOVED writing all about ATU. What an original, creative, awesome 101st post!

I need to rent that...I'll be watching for the bowling alley scene.

Jen said...

Um...Kelli? You're not allowed to watch it without me. Remember? One evening next week? :)

Simply Shannon said...

Your background story sounds remarkably similar to my own! I've seen Paul twice and in 2 weeks I will see New Kids for the 5th time.