Monday, November 10, 2008

{NKOTB trip part 2}

If you are just tuning in for this whopper of a story, you might want to read part 1 first.

Since you've been hanging on the edge of your seat over the weekend, dying to know how Courtney & I handled ourselves in the cab ride, I'll cut to the chase.  It wasn't pretty.  We were pretty sure that we'd end up with some crazy cab driver who'd charge us an arm & a leg OR we'd never be seen or heard from again.  Lemmetellya...we had high hopes for this cab ride.  Other than the fact that he was probably under the influence of something and we could hardly understand his slurred, mumbled speech...oh, and the fact that he drifted back and forth through the lanes like he owned the road (on big honkin' bridges, no less)...oh yeah, and the fact that his seat had some screws missing and it kept bouncing up and down...other than those things, the cab ride to the concert went pretty smoothly.



(By the way, these pictures were taken by Courtney through the windshield while I was driving on a highway.  I think it was 95.  We slowed down to a crawl...there was hardly anyone behind us and we needed to capture the bridges on film!)

So when we got to the Wachovia Center, there was a parking lot people.  Right there in front of the building with a fence around it.  We could have paid $12 and parked 50 feet from the building door.  It would've been nice if the person at the hotel front desk mentioned that when we asked about the parking.  To top it off, it was raining...hard...and the cab "couldn't" get us any closer than - really far away!  So we were soaked when we got into the building and not very happy to be paying $100 for what we could've paid $12 for.


(Yes...we took this picture of ourselves and yes...we are pretty wet and no...we're not very happy right then.)

We started looking at signs in the building to see where our seats were.  We were a bit confused and asked an employee on the main level to point us in the right direction.  Meanwhile, we took in all the sights.  The loooong lines for the bathrooms, the loooooong lines for refreshments, the crazy-busyness of it all.  We were directed to go around the corner to the VIP elevator and show him our tickets.  Whaaaat?  We didn't know why we would need to get on that elevator, but off we went.  We were glancing at each other with looks that totally showed how totally clueless we were.

After proudly showing the elevator guy our special tickets (that had been purchased on plain old ticketmaster, no less) he deposited us at the club box level.  We knew that club boxes were for people who owned big companies and their friends.  Neither of us own a big company, so we still didn't understand what we were doing there.  We walked around about half of the building on that level when we found the room we belonged in.  As we traveled the hallways, we noticed a distinct fewer amount of people, yet it had great amenities.  There were bathrooms with no lines and a refreshment counter as well as a little food cart with gourmet-looking cheesecakes and stuff.  Our eyes continued to get bigger and bigger as we entered the room where our tickets admitted us.  There were two attendants at the door checking tickets.  There were about 8-10 tall, pub-style tables with several chairs each.  There was a big circular bar with about 3 bartenders.  There was a buffet with food set out.  There were also people milling about, looking like they belonged there.  They did not have the expressions of amazement that we did.

Our plan was to locate our seats, then use the bathroom before the show.  Imagine our utter amazement when we asked the door attendants which direction down the hall would take us to the closest bathroom.  He kind of chuckled and pointed out that there was a bathroom in our club box.  We told him that we were surprised to be there and asked about the food and drinks.  He told us that some people had purchased a package that included alcohol and food.  Onto the bathroom...there was no line.  I mean we were the only ones in there.  We were so excited about it that we had to take a picture.  Inside the semi-private bathroom.  Yes, we are dorks.  It doesn't take much to make us feel special, huh?


I will leave you with the big smiles on our faces as we reveled in our VIP-ness for the evening.  Be sure to tune in for more installments of this breathtaking story! :)

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Kelli @ writing the waves said...

VIPs, club box? Don't leave me hangin', girl!!! I'm calling you!

Natalie said...

i can't wait to hear how you got these tickets!!!!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

I AM SO JEALOUS. AHHHH!! The closest place they've come to us is Chicago and it sold out in about two minutes. I want to see them SO BAD!!