Friday, November 7, 2008

{New Kids have still got it! (the right stuff, that is)}

My memories from 1988 to 1991 include a serious adoration and healthy obsession with the New Kids on the Block.  Courtney was my bestest friend and we ate, drank, breathed, dreamed and lived NKOTB.  During that time, we were privileged to attend 5 concerts.  Yes.  I said FIVE.  See, my mom has had a thing for the Beatles since she was young, and didn't get to see them in person then.  So she wanted her daughters to be able to live their dream, if it was in her power to make it possible.  And it didn't hurt that she loved Jordan Knight. 

Now, when the New Kids announced earlier this year that they were reuniting, I tuned in to all of the performances and even captured them on my DVR.  I sat wide-eyed, staring at the TV, and hanging on their every word. need to know that I never have denounced my love for them nor have I ever been too embarrassed to share my love for them. 


Fast forward to this week...Courtney & I on a road trip to Philly for a New Kids concert.  Yep.  And it was awesome

Neither one of us had been to Philadelphia before, so we knew nothing about the city, except that the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall were there.  We'd heard that it was a pretty sketchy city and to be aware of our surroundings at all times.  When we got to the hotel, we asked the front desk about the parking situation at the Wachovia Center.  We basically wanted  to know if we should drive and park ourselves or take a cab.  The hotel was about 10 miles from the concert venue.  Most concert places we'd been to recently did not have their own parking lots, so parking was an adventure either in a parking deck with quite a walk, or find a place on the street...good luck!  The people at the front desk said it might be pretty crazy and that we should probably take a cab.  We didn't want to walk very far because we were both recovering from a broken ankle (I know, weird, right?). 

The front desk person gave us a number for a cab company.  We even asked her how much she thought the ride would be.  She estimated $50 each way.  We were all about being safe in an unfamiliar city, so we booked the cab.

By the way, neither one of us is very cab savvy.  Our combined cab rides equals 4.  Ever.  To say we were pretty nervous is putting it lightly.

This is getting pretty long, so I think I'll make this a series.  This little 2 day trip packs in a whole lot of stories, lemme tell ya. 

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April said...

Can't wait to hear the rest!!

Tfritz said...

lol i don't know why but reading this post got the sone summber girls by LFO stuck in my head.... now to get it out.

glad to hear you had an awesome time!