Thursday, November 20, 2008

{a few thrifty thursday finds}

Today's post is kind of a conglomerate of thrifty goodness. 

First, an arrangement on my kitchen island made up of discounted flowers from Kroger.  ($1.25 for each bunch...2 bunches=$2.50)  I love creamy white ironstone dishes.  This is a faux ironstone pitcher, but it looks pretty with the flowers.


Next, you have a cute wrought iron piece that I purchased at a yard sale several years ago with it's twin.  I bought them both for $3.  Since we've been in this house (for about 3 years) they've been living on my screened porch.  They're perfect out there.


Lastly, I'd like to tell you about some deals I scored just yesterday.  I went to the Salvation Army to shop on 1/2 price clothing day and was surprised with a sign on the door that said, "All shoes $1."  Wow.  I walked away with 6 pairs of shoes for my kids for only $6.  That is so awesome.  Here are a few...


The brown leather shoes on the left are LL Bean...


I also got Zach a pair of Bass nubuck shoes for church, a pair of rain/snow boots, and dress shoes for Taylor.

What deals have you scored this week?

6 love notes to me!:

Jenny said...

You are seriously the shopping queen! I loved gleaning from all your wisdom. ;) You're awesome! Thanks for a fun time last week. Take care!

BenJoe said...


Unfortunately the grocery smarts is only available in Utah and Nevada

Chambers Family said...

Those are so fun. I need to get in the shopping know-how! I just don't do it:) By the way, I don't know if you've gotten Dave's pesky message, but I'm wondering if you have any "funnynut" pictures of your kids you could send my way via email? I'm doing a fun Christmas present and just lacking pictures of your darlings and Kari's. I'd really appreciate it! Thanks:) Mel

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

You always find such cute stuff! Very impressive. :)

Jen r. said...

I love your thrifty finds! Those flowers are a great deal!

The Settle Family said...

I miss your posts Jen! I need some more of your thrifty ideas or we need to just go goodwill shopping together.