Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Give Me a Great Book - Nothing Will Get Done at My House! My thoughts on BOOK CLUBS.

I recently completed the 3rd book in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. It is meant to be a book geared towards teens, but I tell you what(!), I couldn't put it down, and it has been a LONG time since the word teen was associated with my age.

The 4th book in the series comes out August 2nd and the movie for the first book releases on December 12th. No - I'm not obsessed or anything, but I do have a friend who is! She shares all of this date goodness with me frequently. I have visited a few sites for mega fans of the series and found some interesting topics, but I'm not nuts about it.

I have never been a member of a book club. I think that I would like too, though. As long as I found a group that had the same interests as I do. I don't like a ton of non-fiction (though some is ok) and I love to read for pleasure. I don't want to learn a bunch of heavy stuff, unless it is mixed in with fiction (like historical fiction, which I happen to LOVE)!

I am not up for organizing my own book club, but in case you are, here is a site that has some pretty comprehensive information on doing so. There is even information there about online book clubs, which seems like a convenient option, but may not give you the social outlet if that is partly what you are looking for.

I wouldn't mind needing to read certain books by certain dates...I don't think that would take much of the fun of reading away from me, but I do think that it would be vital to share common reading interests with the rest of the group. It wouldn't work for me otherwise.

Have you guys participated in book clubs? Were they a great experience, or not so much?

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Diane said...

Hi I have read your whole blog Jen. I love it . I am wondering though if I could get the Hotenanny recipe from you ?????????

Tfritz said...

i just went to that site you linked for starting a book club. All i can say is wow is it informative, and i think its neat they have information for kids book clubs, and example books sectioned off for age groups. very nice find.

Kari and clan said...

When I was reading the Twilight series, I didn't get a single thing done around the house. Trevor was very excited when I finished them. Of course, it only took me a few days to finish all three. I am super excited for the fourth book to come out. I am definitely slightly obsessed. I've read all three books twice and I only read them a couple of months ago!!! By the way, I love your blog. It is always so cute and I love seeing fun pics of my cute niece and nephew!!!