Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heavenly Hilton Head Holiday!

Memorial Day week, we had a marvelous time at the BEACH! Oh, how I love the beach! I didn't want to do anything but set my self in a chair in the sand all. day. long. every. day. But my dear hubby reminded me that this was indeed a family vacation, not just a mommy vacation! :)


Here are all of our fisherpeople doin' their thing. Yes. They caught several shark off the beach. I know. Yowsers. But we swam anyway.

This silly bird was our fishin' buddy. He came out every time we started to fish and hung around...getting closer and closer to the fisherpeople. He got little pieces of bait that had been dropped...and one time he snuck a whole fish from someone's bucket! He's got some nerve!

Here are some pictures of Zach and Taylor playing on the beach. A really cool thing about the beaches at Hilton Head - tidepools form when the tide goes out. It is really fun for the kiddos to search for fun sea creatures in the tidepools...Taylor and Zach found hermit crabs, starfish, sand dollars, and even a baby blowtoad. Way fun.

I buried Zach in the sand. He was so excited for it! :)

Mike taught Taylor how to boogie board. She caught on really fast and spent tons of time doing it. Zach, on the other hand, decided to use his boogie board as a mailtruck. He dragged it behind himself carrying various beach finds.

One evening after dinner, we went back down to the beach so Mike and Taylor could fish. We stopped at our favorite beach ice cream joint (which happened to be across the street from our condo). Taylor enjoyed blue raspberry evidenced by these pictures.

This was our lovely view at the pool. I LOVE, Love, LOVE the spanish moss! Did I mention that I love spanish moss?

We did a lot of walking on the beach too.

LOVE this picture of the kiddos. They were sitting on a lifeguard chair in the evening. This shows true emotion. No canned smiles in this picture. :)

I love both of these pictures of Zach. Model much?

We saw this cool tree on the way to breakfast one morning. Couldn't resist the photo op.

I wanted a picture of our whole fam when we were showered and not in bathing suits, so I stopped some poor mom with a toddler and asked her to take our picture. I apologized the whole time cause I knew she was busy. But I really wanted a family pic from our vacation.

3 love notes to me!:

G&RA said...

I think I'll be spending half my evening going from picture to picture soaking you all in! What fun to spend a week in the sand and water. We're jealous! Thanks for sharing. We love you and can hardly wait to have you all to ourselves in August. Take care!

Chambers Family said...

I love the summer! What a fun vacation. Those were the best pictures on the lifeguard chair! Your kids are dolls. I can't wait to see you all in the cold Bear Lake water- I hear it has been rising! I can't believe that shark picture. I'm sure when I tell Dave he'll be jealous:) So Taylor's a fisherwoman too? Tina has been begging, so we're planning a trip to the Smithfield fish farm with Grandpa Gary.

Kelli said...

Hey Jen - do you love spanish moss??? haha! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!!!!!! I can't wait to take the kids to the beach this summer. They LOVE it!