Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Painting the Easy Way

A number of months ago (I am grossly underestimating here) I got a great deal on some french doors. They were only $15 each and fit perfectly in the doorway leading from my foyer to our home office. My husband and father-in-law hung them for me yay! Well, I am finally getting around to painting them.

I decided to share a few painting tips that I've learned over the years, either from watching decorating shows on TV, reading decorating magazines, so on and so forth. Some of them you may alreaady know, but hopefully you'll learn at least one new idea to make painting easier.

If you are a professional painter or a painting perfectionist of any kind, you may want to stop reading now. Some of these tips may feel like you're taking too many shortcuts. Just warnin' you, I'm just sayin'!

1. Line your metal paint tray. Sure you could buy the fancy-schmancy liners from the store, but why should you when you have a gazillion plastic shopping bags sitting around. Just slip the tray into the bag & wha-la a free liner (remember, free is my favorite price). Just toss the bag when your done.

2. While we're on the subject of your plastic shopping bag collection, why don't you get a few out to cover the rollers once you're done painting today, since you'll be going at it again tomorrow? That way you won't have to wash them twice. I know...genius!

3. And to add to your list of free or almost free painting supplies, do you have any rubberbands? Once you are done painting and have washed your brush, wrap a rubberband around the bristles to keep them nice and neat while they dry? Looks good! No nasty brushes for the next project.

4. Since we are getting this job done the easy way, let's not tape of the ceiling or window/door frames. What? I'm getting a little too crazy for you now? Just use one of those cool gadgets with a wheel and a pad for cutting in. But don't. get. paint. on that little wheel thing. Seriously, have you seen my ceilings? Good. Don't look at them. A painting perfectionist I am not.

5. You're not planning on removing the door knobs or taping off the window panes, are you? I didn't think so. I knew you were planning to wrap the door knob in aluminum foil and rub petroleum jelly on the door hinges and the edges of the window panes. That way you can just rub it off when you're done and no paint will stick.

6. And before you close up that paint can for good, put a little in a small glass jar, airtight plastic container, or an ice cube tray. That way if your child crashes into the wall while rollerblading in the house and chips the lovely paint job, you can whip out a q-tip and touch it up. If you choose to freeze a bit in an ice cube tray, you can touch up the chipped spot with your little frozen paint popsicle. That's right, use it just like a marker. Easy peasy.

Here are some pictures that show how the color you choose for your walls can really effect the feel of the room.

(Photos from, last is from

I believe what The Nester preaches, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." So no comments telling me about the proper prep techniques and such, please. It won't get done around here if it has to be done that way. Now stop procrastinating that painting project like me and get it done already. That's what I'm doing tomorrow. I'll send pictures.

So did you learn anything new here today? Please share your favorite painting tips!

If you'd like to read more tips, visit Works for Me Wednesday.

8 love notes to me!:

The Momster said...

My philosophy is - as long as it gets done, that's fine!

Good tips!

Tfritz said...

I'll admit i ignored most of the tips, i grew up around a perfectionist and a profession painter. BUT!! i can't wait to see the new doors!

Chambers Family said...

I loved those tips...I hate buying the way too expensive tape just to rip it off and have half the paint come with it! Now how do you do chair rail for cheap?? I need to cover up my lines!:)

Mamasphere said...

Those little cutting in tools are the best!

I'm at a point, though, where I'm willing to spend a bundle on someone else doing all my painting for me. No more paint speckles in MY hair, lol.

Shannon said...

Great tips, we'll be doing some painting in the next year or two so I'll have to bookmark this :-) Cool blog, I'm visiting from POW!!

AmyDe said...

In our house it's "done is better than perfect" and this applies to almost everything. Thanks for the tips.

McMommy said...

Oh! What FANTASTIC tips!! And you can FREEZE PAINT??? That is amazing. You are brilliant!!!

happy pow!

Kirstin said...

Thank you for these tips. I'm getting ready to paint our house and am a bit nervous. I've posted about this endeavor...yikes...hey, have you heard anything about a technique that places tissue paper on the wall and then painting over it to achieve a "textured" look. It looks cool but I'm wondering how it holds up.