Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Cell Phone Ate the Fun Dip

I was happy with the most basic of cell phones for a really long time. I thought that people who just "had to have" the latest and greatest in cell phone technology were a bit greedy. In February, it was time for me to get a new phone. I was planning to get the basic phone that is free (remember, FREE is my favorite price?) when you renew your contract. Then I caught wind of the new Palm Centro. It was an affordable palm/phone combo for the masses. Now, I had been wanting a palm for years for scheduling, digital scriptures, etc. I looked into it more and found out that I could get one for $99 when I signed up for a new contract. SOLD!

I love the phone and sometimes even call her my BFF. I haven't named her yet, but now that I'm thinking about it, I will soon. I'm totally hooked on all the conveniences she provides me. Well, long story not so short, she died. Last week when we were off to the pool to celebrate the first day of no school, we picked up some candy at the drug store. The kids chose fun dip. You know, that yummy colored sugar separated into 3 compartments and the 2 yummy white sticks you lick, then dip into the sugar? Sweet bliss from my childhood memories? (I won't promise, however, that childhood was the last time I enjoyed this treat). Well, at the pool, the opened package of fun dip got put into the bag that was also carrying the precious phone.

Fast forward to my sister's high school graduation the next day. I called my husband to tell him it was time to meet us for the post graduation meal (he stayed home with the kids...small kids & a long graduation do not make a good pair). He couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear him! After much calling and re-calling I figured out what must have happened. Fun dip powder in the speaker and microphone on Precious Red Cell Phone! My dad even put his mouth over the speaker and breathed in really hard...yep he tasted fun dip. (Those of you who know my dad can picture him doing that, right? If you don't know him, it is still a great visual).

You should've seen the look on the faces of the gals at the phone store when I told them what was wrong with my phone. It would have been funnier if I was sure they could fix it. Turns out they couldn't and I'm getting a replacement. While I'm grateful for a replacement, I have lost my first Precious Red Love, and all the information she stored for me.

I promise I will name my new phone...any ideas?

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Tfritz said...

probably good you got the cell phone with the palm IF you didn't get fun dip in it LOL. i've managed to go through palm like no tomorrow. totally had bad luck with them, good ones too. To the point where i finally stopped wasting money on them.