Sunday, July 20, 2008

Roll N Grow, Anyone?

As the kids & I drove home from church today, I noticed some beautiful zinnias in lots of colors in a yard we passed.

I commented on their beauty:

Me -"Look at those beautiful colorful flowers, guys."

Taylor - "Yeah."

Zach - "They probably used Roll N Grow."

Yeah...I'm sure they did Zach. All beautiful flowers come from an infomercial, right?

3 love notes to me!:

Cheri said...

Oh yes, since we're back to "regular TV" with commercials The Boy's getting all caught up on the latest retail items the market has to offer.

(We've spent the last 4 years with AFN - military TV - no commericials except educational ones, along with public service announcements).

Mamasphere said...

There's such a thing as roll-n-grow? Really? I need to stop fast forwarding through all those commercials! This could've saved me a LOT of work. Well, at least the flowers might still be living, since I'm assuming the flowers that come in a sheet of roll-n-grow are of a hearty nature.

didericksen clan said...

Haha Jen! Sydnee always throws out infomercial comments too! We are getting really excited to see you guys! It's gonna be great! Love you all! Mindi