Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bitten By the Coupon Bug!

I have once again been bitten by the coupon/cheap/free food bug! There was once upon a time a few years ago when my Kroger would occasionally have triple coupon weeks. In those glory days, I had quite a stash of coupons and would stock up on multiples of those items. I was building my stockpile! I had friends and family saving me their newspaper coupon inserts, and would even dig in the public recycle bin to score some more of those precious coupons.

Well, when my Kroger stopped having those triple coupon weeks, I thought that the whole couponing wagon had become useless. I had also become quite burnt out. I didn't start small like many coupon experts suggest, but jumped in 100% right away. I had so many coupons that I started off using a big binder right away. I've taken a break and recovered from that burn out and I'M BACK!

I have found some great websites detailing finds that you will not believe. First, I got lost reading Crystal's blog. I was so excited and started to look at my local cvs and other store ads. I decided to subscribe to the paper again. Then later that night, I found Hot Coupon World. Oh my goodness!!!!!! I hit the motherlode!

Now it is Sunday and I have my first newspaper, thus the ever-important coupons! I have several CVS deals worked out and seperated by transaction in seperate evelopes. I also have made a grocery list and menu according to the weekly specials found here and here. Keep in mind y'all, I just found Crystal's blog on Friday. Yes....I mean like two days ago! Good thing I have a lot of time on my hands right now or I might be neglecting important stuff.

Tomorrow I will post my frugal menu (all food according to sales and coupons) and when I go shopping I will enlighten y'all with the juicy details of my deals...and pictures if you wish! :)

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