Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pizza Night Tonight!

A comment from Jamie led me to her blog and to this Frugal Friday idea. Homemade pizza! I really don't like to deal with dough. It gets everywhere and you end up all sticky, no matter how much flour you use. The thing about the recipe that Jamie linked to (actually from Crystal's blog) that caught my eye was that it didn't have to rise! I thought that I would try it out tonight since Mike & the kids have a slumber party on Saturdays (isn't that sweet? he started it when the kids were toddlers-real little- to give me a break, and it stuck) and we always eat pizza for dinner that night. The kids were so excited to help me make the pizza. We don't do many things from scratch around here, can you tell? That is beginning to change, though I hope. I decided we'd make 2 pizzas. Taylor insisted that we knead one of them by hand (I was all for using the kitchen aid mixer to do the work) so we did one her way and one my way. I had never used the kitchen aid for dough before and used the mixing attachment at first. I kept wondering why it wasn't looking right, then remembered the dough hook attachment. That worked much better. After we were done preparing both doughs, we all agreed that from now on we'll use the machine!

Too sticky!Dont'cha love that eager little face watching the pizza cook? It looked good and tasted good, too. We did a cheese pizza, very traditional, and an "experiment" pizza (what T called it). On the experiement one we used some leftover bean chip dip we had made the other day for lunch. Then we used a mexican blend cheese on the top. On half T let me put shredded chicken (canned). Talk about yummy!

Bean dip recipe (in case you want to know)

1 can refried beans (we used fat free)

1/3 an 8oz. block of cream cheese

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup (or 1/2 the tostitos black bean and corn) salsa

Can use saucepan or frying pan - put on medium heat. Put all ingredients in and mix until blended and the cheeses are melted. With tortilla chips....yummy! PS - it helps to cut the cream cheese into a few chunks before adding it to the pan.

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Jamie said...

Oh I'm so glad you tried the pizza recipe! Isn't it great? I just love the no rising thing!! :-) I was so happy I stumbled on that recipe from Crystal!