Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a Spring Thing...

I decided that it was time to change the sideboard in my entry for Spring. I know it is not officially here yet, but I couldn't help it. I found these 2 items (the bunny & the wreath) on a great sale last week and I couldn't wait to display them. Too cute! Do you like my hand holding the cameral in the mirror.

Here are some other views of the whole display. Looking at these pictures makes me realize how bad I need to paint my entry a cute color. Even a cuter neutral.

Things just don't pop against it the way it is now. Hmmmm....need to find a color! :)

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Chambers Family said...

I love SPRING. Every winter I determine that spring is my favorite season. How fun that you find things to decorate for the seasons. I love the bunny. That was my favorite animal growing up (until I got one!)