Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Project for the Day

So in yesterday's post about using things you have around the house, I mentioned that I'd like to start doing one (can be) small thing each day that is a one-time thing, or doesn't need to be done everyday. Yesterday my thing was to hang up a cute plate that I had gotten from Goodwill last week. I went for my pre-op appointment with the ENT to a different office than I had previously seen him in. And guess what? There is a Goodwill on the corner! Talk about serindipity! After my appointment, I had to check it out. I kept it simple, and picked up the aforementioned plate. It was the perfect thing to put over the stove in my kitchen. My walls are an apple green and this plate would look great there. I was right....see? It had a TJ Maxx sticker on the back for $14.99 and I paid $1.75! Sweet!

My daughter (age 8) wanted to see my blog today, since I've started taking pictures of all kinds of stuff. I told her about my plate project. She asked what my project was for today (I hadn't done one yet). That's OK cause it will only take a few minutes. So I grabbed the seat cover and small rug that technically belong in my downstairs bathroom, but have really been "living" in my upstairs hallway waiting to be taken downstairs for weeks now. Seriously that is ridiculous admitting this to y'all. But in the spirit of before and afters which I love to see, I recorded it for blog posterity. And there you have it. It's pretty sad, cause when my son went to use the restroom, he said, "Mom! I love the decorations in here!" I really should have done that sooner. But that is what these small projects are all about. Getting that stuff done. Not putting it off for another day.

When I looked at the pictures, I realized that I should have emptied the trash can and neatly rolled up the toilet paper on the roll before taking the pictures. Oh well. And this downstairs bathroom is on my big projects list to do realllllly soon. I already have paint to use and everything. That teal color paint and border were there when we moved in 2 years ago and we started tearing pieces of the border off to encourage us to just do this project. It hardly even counts as a big project, really. Only compared to my small everyday "projects".

Annnnnnd - I want to finish telling you what I found at the Goodwill that day. I didn't take a picture of it (maybe I'll edit this post with a picture later), but a BRAND NEW Kitchen Aid attachment - in the box and all the pieces inside were wrapped in light brown paper. Seriously never used. And gues what???? Only $4. 25. Can you believe it? I can't. If I didn't have a Kitchen Aid mixer I would have bought it and resold it for a profit. A tip I learned from Merideth's blog is that whenever she goes to thrift stores or yard sales, she picks up something that will be resold for a profit that will cover the cost of her purchases that day. BRILLIANT!

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