Friday, February 8, 2008

Frugal Friday - Use What You Have

I have decided that it would be fun to participate in a weekly event at BiblicalWomanhood called Frugal Fridays. On Fridays I will try to post a frual idea and also include a link to the hosting site so you can check out even more ideas!

So here goes...since I've been spending a lot of time online while I've been recovering from my sinus surgery, I have really been inspired to use what I have. There are so many times that I feel like my house needs a change, so I want to go out and purchase something new to get that "new feeling" in a part of my home. Even when I go to the Goodwill or yard sales I am spending money that I usually don't need to spend. Currently, I have a ton of decorative and organizing stuff that I've purchased on previous outings that need to be "done". I have paint for walls and furniture that I"ve picked up from the oops section, I have frames from yard and estate sales that need to filled with lovely pictures and hung on walls, I have organizers from sales and/or leftover from previous projects that can be put to a new use in organizing a space in my home, I have fabric that is just begging me to make something beautiful out of it, and many more things in my garage and decorating closet.

Use what you have! Repurpose, repaint, reuse, recycle, or just get to the projects you have bought the materials for and JUST DO IT! You'll be so glad you did! Some of you may not have this problem like I do, but I know that there are some of you who are like me in this respect. I have a new goal of doing one thing in my home that I don't have to do tomorrow. Dishes, laundry, picking up, straigtening, bathrooms, floors, etc. have to be done everyday. But each day I want to do a project (it can be fairly small) that will make me happy. Hanging something up, organizing a drawer, etc. I'll keep you guys posted on my projects too!

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Jamie said...

I LOVE your point about a goal of doing something each day that you won't have to do tomorrow! I'm the same way. It takes me forever to hang stuff up, get to my projects, etc! Thanks for the post!

Jen said...

Jamie, I am excited about the progress I can make by doing that one thing each day. Yesterday I hung up a cute plate above my stove that I had gotten at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $1.75. It looks adorable and it makes me happy everytime I see it! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I think you will like the pizza dough recipe! I hardly ever used to make dough because I just dreaded that part...I have enough to do besides wait for dough to rise! But once I saw Crystal's recipe I have been making it almost every week! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm working on this too. I have so many unfinished projects and things I'd like to do.

I've also been through sinus surgery, and it's definitely no fun. Feel better soon!