Monday, February 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I am joining in with Larua at and participating in Menu Plan Monday. I'll post my weekly menu here. For a peek at other's menus, check out her blog here.

Breakfasts -
Cold cereal
Scrambled eggs
Grits & Toast
etc., etc., etc.....
Waffles on the weekend! :)

Lunches -
Sandwiches for the kiddos
Spaghettios for the kiddos
Leftovers for mom & dad most days

Dinners -
Potato, Ham & Cheese Soup, breadsticks
Pork Chops w/ cider vinegar glaze, couscous, cold veggies & ranch
Apricot Chicken, green salad
Appetizer Night (got some lil smokies on sale :))
Chicken Helper, corn muffins, peas
Freezer Pizza
Leftover Night :)

I usually pack lunch for the kids to take to school, so I usually have plenty of pack-friendly foods for them.

2 love notes to me!:

fugaler said...

cool! I'm lds too. Your menu looks yummy. I love Apricot chicken and I have never thought of doing an appetizer night- how creative if you want to...head on over and check out my blog
(i found you through menu plan monday)

fugaler said...

smashers are mashed potatoes...but you leave the peel on and just mash them with a regular potato masher (not an electric mixer- that would be whipped potatoes) and you can add in anything from bacon and chives, to sour cream and cheese to flavor it- basically, you don't need gravy to make them flavorful