Friday, February 8, 2008

CVS Deals Feb. 8

OK - I know in the last post I said that I was getting into coupons and grocery deals and such. But y'all probably had no idea how good these deals were. Not unless you already do the CVS deals. If you are new at this and want some tutorials (I have read a ton on this stuff in the last week), you can check out this website for some help. Then check out the entire CVS thread on those forums to learn exactly what deals are going on right now. You can also look here and here. You'll learn so much you might want to take notes! :)

So after reading all of these helps and many, many, many more...etc., I headed out to my local CVS up the road. I had read all kinds of stories about having helpful CVS employees, but lots of people wrote about bad experiences where the cashier really gave them a hard time. So I really didn't know what to expect. I started out being really friendly to everybody, which I am most of the time anyway. I saw the manager in one of the aisles and she asked me if there was anything she could help me with. I told her that I was excited because I just discovered all the deals I could get with the Extra Care Bucks (ECB). She was so friendly and made sure that I knew that I could use manufacturer's coupons there also. AND she told me that the store will also take other store coupons - the ones like this - transfer a new perscription and get a $xx gift card. Sooooooo I definitely need to keep that in mind. I see those coupons a lot! And if I get gift cards from CVS, imagine all of the ECB that I can get then!!!!!!

The picture above is of the things I bought today in 3 transactions...

And here's a list of the items:
(1)18 oz. Irish Spring body wash - Retail $3.99
(1)12 oz. Softsoap body wash - Retail $3.99
(1) 11 oz. Palmolive Dish Soap - Retaill $.99
(1) 2.7 oz. Speed Stick 24/7 Deoderant - Retail $2.99
(1) 24 ct. Theraflu Cold - Retail $6.59
(1) 4 oz. Triaminic Nighttime - Retail $6.99
(1) 100 ct. Exedrin Xtra Strength - Retail $6.99
(1) 100 ct. Exedrin PM - Retail $6.99
(2) .34 oz. Lumene body smoother lotion - Retail $1.99 each=$3.98
(2) Maybelline Eye Shadow - Retail $5.49 each=$10.98
I went in with $10 in ECB from last week and only paid $11.42 (including tax) out of pocket (OOP). The retail price for all of my purchases was $54.48 before tax. Yeah! AND I have $15 in ECB for next week! Since I'm just starting with this endeavor, I am spending more out of pocket now and each week if I'm smart, my OOP total will go down so that I'm only spending less than $5 (many times less than that) and having a bunch of ECB for the next week. It's all about rolling them from transaction to transaction and week to week.
So......what do you think about my deals this week? I'd love to hear how y'all save money. I'm all about being frugal. Leave a comment if you have an idea! :)

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Chambers Family said...

I don't even know what CVS is...Too bad it isn't here, but I heard Albertson's is a good coupon store. My frugalness comes from deciding what I need or not, and limiting my trips. I get my groceries twice a month, right after Dave's paychecks. I've noticed that the bills are bigger, but I end up not spending as much because I am not in the store so much. I need to be better at going by myself. Kids cost a lot more when they come with me. Most of the time I can get the generic brand for less than the coupon on the name brand. And with the exception of certain things, I can't tell the difference. I'm impressed though! You have more patience than I do with coupons!

Our Family said...
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