Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day & Family Time

Well, today is President's Day and therefore my husband and kiddos were home. We'd had a pretty chill weekend, so we decided it would be fun to go out and do something as a family. We toyed with the Children's Museum or a movie. The weather was beautiful outside, so we really wanted to do something outdoors. We decided on a park close to downtown. It is beautiful there...even this time of year when everything is pretty much dead. There are tons of animals to be seen and even some to feed!

If you pay close attention, you'll notice that Z really didn't feed the goats. M kept trying to get him to do it, but he just had no desire to let the goat's tongue touch his flesh. You just held your hand out flat with the grain on it, and they would lick it off of your hand. But nope...he wanted nothing to do with it. It's alright. He did pet them, though.
I got Z to take a picture of me & Mike. It seems like I never remember to put myself in the pictures. So here's one for posterity's sake!

The property used to belong to one family and when that family died off, they donated it to the city. The mansion is still there and sometimes open to the public for tours, but not today. Isn't it pretty?

The day started looking a little ominous and little rain drops began to fall. We didn't mind getting a tad bit wet.

We had fun spending time together today. And the only thing we spent money on was lunch at Chick-fil-A!

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Kari said...

Hey all,

It looks like you had a great time for President's day. Trevor had to work, but the girls and I went to the zoo because the weather here was gorgeous. I'm happy you guys had such a great time.


Chambers Family said...

That looks like so much fun. We were flying home that WHOLE day! I was exhausted! We'll have to do something fun for the next holiday. I love the pizza post. I love to buy dough from Papa Murphy's for $1.00 and add my own toppings. I don't know if they have a Papa Murphy's out there, but it's the only decent pizza joint in Brigham! You are so good and motivated! Good job. I'll have to add some before and after pics sometime if I ever get motivated...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like you had a great day - and your kids are adorable!


April said...

You and your Chik-fol-a, yet to go to one. LOVE that mansion, wish it were mine (of course with a maid though, would hate to clean it), and I'm with you. I never have pics of me, but I'm glad you did, you are still as adorable as ever!!!!!!! Miss ya!