Friday, February 1, 2008

Organizing - time on my hands

I am recooperating from my sinus surgery which went well yesterday. It is giving me a lot of time to play on the internet and I have discovered some INCREDIBLY inspiring blogs. For now, I have to plan to work on these projects for when I'm feeling better, but I want to share Lara's blog with you. She is the Organizing Junkie and I have gotten some great ideas from her site. She details the PROCESS of organizing here. I can't wait to orgainze my entire house! There are only a few places in my home that are already the way I want them, so I have plenty left to do!

I also think that I'll start adding my menu to my blog as I've seen on some others like this. So look out for those menus on Mondays!

As I have fun exploring blogs on the laptop while in bed, I will share some links that really inspire me!

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Org Junkie said...

Hello! So happy you enjoy my site! We'd love to have you join MPM :)

Get well soon,

Laura (orgjunkie)